Energy saving and consumption reduction
XDK Group is committed to the implementation of " Energy saving and consumption reduction" .The company pays attention to strengthen its internal management, reducing the material and energy consumption during the procedures of raw materials, production, consumption, waste disposal.

Environmental protection
XDK Group is committed to environmental protection. The company initiatives its employees to save water and electricity, use recycled paper and eat green products. It also suggests its employees to refuse detergent, noise pollution, plastic bags and one-time items.

Safe Operations

XDK develops our management processes and operation guides and implements our occupational health and safety management system to prevent accidents in many areas, such as manufacturing, project delivery, infrastructure, firefighting, vehicle security, and food safety.

Social Contribution

XDK believes that the power of information and communication can transcend the boundary of economies, society, and regions. We are committed to popularizing communications technologies, increasing educational opportunities, and developing ICT talent. We actively join our partners, promote sustainable development, contribute to local communities, and enrich life through communication.

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