Fast Ethernet Switch-unmanagement

Fast Ethernet Switch-unmanagement
Product parameters
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Product description
Fast Ethernet Switch provides 5/8/16/24 10/100Mbps auto-sensing ports, all ports support MDI / MDIX auto-flip function, neither can be used as ordinary port, also used as Uplink port. It provides a simple, economical, high performance, seamless, standard networks moved to 100M solution in improving the performance of the Working Group provides a great flexibility, with the use of simple, flexible, easy installation, superior performance, cost-effective the characteristics of high speed is your ideal choice for improving service.
XDK-2005S                                XDK-2008SI
XDK-2016SN                            XDK-2024SN
Key Features:
  • Comply with IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.3x standard
  • Use of memory - Forward architecture
  • Full-duplex and half duplex back pressure flow control (Backpressure) technology
  • 5/8/16/24 10/100M adaptive RJ45 ports, supports port auto-flip (Auto MDI / MDIX)
  • Support for auto-negotiation function, each port can automatically adjust the transmission and transfer rate
  • Dynamic LED indicator that provides a variety of working conditions and troubleshooting tips
Product specifications:
Type  2005S      2008SI 2008SFI 2016SN 2024SSN  
Hardware specifications  
standard IEEE802.3IEEE802.3uIEEE802.3X  
Backplane bandwidth 1G 1.6G 1.6G 3.2G 4.8G  
MAC Address table 2K 1K 1K 8K 8K  
Port type 5 FE port 8 FE port 7 FE port
  1 fiber port
16 FE port 24 FE port  
Power External power 7.5VDC/1A External power 5VDC/2A External power 5VDC/2A Internal power 100-240VAC Internal power 100-240VAC  
power consumption 4W 5W 5W 6W 7W  
Physical size 91*70*23mm 141*78*28mm 141*78*28mm 283*187*45mm 283*187*45mm
weight 0.21kg 0.31kg 0.31kg 1.40kg 1.40kg
Suitable temperature 0-50℃(Working environment),-20-70℃(Storage temperature  
Suitable humidity                  5%-90% No condensation (work environment)  
Ordering information:
Type Product description
XDK-2005S 5 FE port
XDK-2008SI 8 FE port
XDK-2008SFI 7 FE port + 1 fiber port
XDK-2016SN 16 FE port
XDK-2024SN 24 FE port
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