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2019 - 09 - 24
The GITEX, which was founded in 1980, is a large and successful computer, communication & consumer electronics exhibition in the Middle East. It is one of the top three IT exhibitions in the world...
2019 - 09 - 29
The 45th European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC)2019 was held in Dublin, Ireland from 23 to 25th September and was covered by topics like fibers, fiber and free space devices and fiber amp...
2019 - 09 - 10
China International Optoelectronic Expo has been successfully held for 20 consecutive years and has developed into the world's largest, influential and authoritative comprehensive exhibition of op...
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  • Product Process Engineer
    Number of recruits :1
    Release time : 2018-08-21


    1, college degree or above, good English reading and writing; 

    2, 2 years working experience in optical fiber jumper;

    3, independent problem solving ability; 

    4, can independently write the product process flow, the operation instruction; 

    5, can design the simple tooling jig work 


    1, stabilizes, improves the existing craft; 

    2, cooperates develops the optical fiber jumper new product, the new craft; 

    3, process quality control on site, supervision and inspection of the implementation of process requirements; 

    4, raw material quality control, development and coordination work; 

    5, material consumption, material consumption and optical cable cost control in statistical process; 

    6. Compile or update the process guidance document;

    7, inspect and improve the equipment and hidden trouble of processing equipment; 

    8, process technician and assistant engineer's process training; 

    9. Training and qualification certification of production line operators; 

    10, abnormal working procedures, analysis of abnormal causes and formulation of improvement programs.

  • Sales Engneer
    Number of recruits :1
    Release time : 2018-08-21

    Recruitment requirements: 

    1, male and female, college degree or above, at least 3 years experience in foreign trade in optical communication industry; 

    2, CET-6 or above, excellent written and spoken English skills; 

    3, have certain customer resources and sales channels, Ability to develop emerging markets independently; 

    4, strong enterprising, clear thinking, strong communication and expression ability, independent judgment ability and decision-making ability, can well grasp customer psychology to communicate and negotiate with customers; 


    1, deal with customer enquiries and daily orders; 

    2, negotiate with customers, establish contract projects; 

    3, responsible for the development and maintenance of new and old customers, timely feedback customer and market information; 

    4. Receive customer visit and follow up later. 

    Note: you can choose to work in Sakata, Shenzhen

  • Product Engineer
    Number of recruits :1
    Release time : 2018-08-21


    1, male and female, bachelor degree or above, major in science and engineering; 

    2, fiber optic jumper product 3 years follow-up work experience, good English reading and writing; 

    3, proficient in passive jumper, PLC,WDM and other principles and product specifications; 

    4, good communication skills and teamwork skills; 

    5, proficient in the use of related office software and AUTO-CAD and other related drawing software; 


    1, business and customer technical support; 

    2, develop and transform product specifications; 

    3. Lead assistant engineer to reduce cost and evaluate raw materials; 

    4, finish other work arranged by supervisor.

  • Product Development Engineer
    Number of recruits :1
    Release time : 2018-08-21


    1, bachelor degree or above, major in optoelectronic information engineering, communication engineering or related optoelectronics preferred;

    2, wavelength division multiplexer (WDM,CWDM,CCWDM,DWEM,Z-Blocke,LAN-WDM module can be used) for 3 years or more;

    3, familiar with product parameters and process, English CET-4 or above; 

    4, can design the structure chart independently.


    1, responsible for new product process plan, process flow formulation, research, development and testing; 

    2, responsible for the preparation of new products related technology, process documents and inspection standards;

    3, responsible for product information and technical data collection, Analysis and processing; 

    4, participate in the application of new technology, new materials.

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